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All back issues of Black Heart’s filthy erotica days can now be purchased as instantly downloadable PDFs. Read ’em on the e-reader of your choice (Kindle, iPad, Sony Reader, Nook, Kobo, iPod Touch, iPhone, etc.), or on your home computer using Adobe Reader! Each issue costs only $2.99, and can be securely purchased via Paypal—you don’t even need an account!


Our first-ever print edition of Black Heart features the erotic works of a smorgasboard of American, Canadian and UK writers, including Gillian Sze, Mingus Tourette, Greg Santos, Y. Funk, Elizabeth Illrepute, Andrew M. David, Davey Ledbetter, Kathleen Savoy, Patrick Walsh, Denis Theriault, Dan Symons, Steve Breault and Gillian Roper.

Additionally, you’ll find some of the photographic genius of Sahra Coyle (who shot our sexy cover hunk, who twisted knickers worldwide with his pensive pout) and Haligonian photographer to the stars Nick Rudnicki.

Truly, this issue is stuffed with some of the hottest erotica you’ve ever laid eyes upon.

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Enjoying our dirty work? You won’t want to miss our sexy second issue, featuring a naughty BDSM cover, courtesy of photographer Nick Rudnicki!

Also in this issue:

  • An introduction to the pleasures of Aural Sex by the mysterious “Jane”
  • Japanese shower scenes from the filthy mind of American expat Y. Funk
  • The femme fatale musings of our favorite Suicide Girl, Fractal
  • Our editor’s tits (are they or aren’t they?!)
  • A romantic, sexy and funny Leonard Cohen story by Barry O’Connell
  • Excerpts from the superheroic sexual fantasies of Tanis Rideout
  • Bondage photography from Sahra Coyle
  • Midgets in love by Mark Mann
  • The slave morality of domination and submission by editor Laura Roberts
  • A Being Whose Existence Centers Around Sex by Kathleen Savoy, and
  • Mingus Tourette as The Hopeless Case

Explore your dirty mind and stimulate your senses with Issue #2.

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Further your obsession with Black Heart’s Anti-Valentine issue, aimed at all the lovelorn, lovesick and straight-up lonely guys and dolls in this mean old world of dating and mating.

Join these fantastic, feral writers in their disgust for the Hallmarkiest of the world’s “holidays”:

  • Sherwin Tjia‘s DillDoll to the rescue!
  • A modern fable about the temptations of “massage parlors,” by Isaac Cravit
  • Nicole Woroniuk lusts, poetically, after Bill Murray
  • Chris Masson demands “Titsy! Do that thing…” in Redo the Thing
  • The Vagina Catalogue raises heart-rates and causes controversy, courtesy of Brian Ross
  • Love gets diagrammed, psychoanalyzed, and chemically reduced in The Chemistry of Love by Nick Rudnicki
  • Greg Santos explores the world of hermaphrodites and porn collectors with some sex addled poetry, and
  • Emma Stephens gets down and dirty with three quickies in 69-Word Stories

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Our Winter 2007 issue will warm you up when it’s cold outside, with the winners of our Dirty Haiku Contest and these cheeky offerings:

  • Notes on selling onself (and how very easy it is) by M. Chastain Addington
  • A perverse priest listens to a naughty young woman confess his sins in Father Fucktoy by Sorcha O’Connor
  • Sarah Lang describes an unusual biological impediment to orgasm in Under the Hood
  • A nude model (and former Suicide Girl) gazes fiercely back at her admirers and detractors in Abbie Suicide‘s Projections
  • Shuck author Daniel Allen Cox keeps warm at the laundromat with Tumble Dry (or How Many Quarters it Takes to Stay in Heat)

And plenty more of the tastefully erotic photography and artwork you’ve come to expect from our tortured little minds!

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If you love zombies, you won’t want to miss this issue! Featuring a bevy of freshly undead zombabes, including Sara and Jessie Von Zombie, we serve up the braaaaaaaains along with a heaping helping of T&A. You’ll also enjoy chewing on some fiesty prose from these fine contributors:

Grab this issue before it claws its way out of the grave and grabs YOU!

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Believe the hype: our sluttiest issue yet comes under the guise of chastity belts and chained-up daughters (and sons). Read some of our most sordid work from contributers including:

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The Lolita Issue, our most controversial to date, presents tales of forbidden love. Officially denounced by Dmitri Nabokov (son of Lolita author Vladimir Nabokov!), we brave the tides of cultural—and literary—criticism to bring you some of the most contentious and salacious works from these sizzling authors:

Additionally, the issue features sexy-cool photography by:

Scorching, sinful, salacious… suck on this, sexy!

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