Summer’s End (October 2017)

Summer’s End (October 2017)
Does summer ever REALLY end in southern California? Or do we just move seamlessly from one season to the next?
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About the Book

October. In San Diego, it’s never really the end of summer, but according to our calendar Autumn officially began on September 22nd. So while the days slowly simmer to a close, and the nights get ever-so-stealthily longer, we’ve put together a collection of stories on the theme of “Summer’s End” to ease your transition into Fall.

In this collection you’ll find death and ice cream, children at play, a young woman who’s aging too quickly, strangely cursed houses, and more mysteries that take place on the last day of summer.

Authors featured in this issue include:


  • Jessica Bonder
  • T. Ben Bryant
  • Steve Carr
  • Andrew Davie
  • Gardner Dorton
  • Susan Emshwiller
  • Martin Kleinman
  • Paul Lewellan
  • N.I. Mahmoud
  • Desmond Truscott


  • Carmen Barefield
  • Linda Birrane
  • Robbin Farr
  • Karla Linn Merrifield
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Series: 2017, Book 1
Genre: Black Heart Digital Issues
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Black Heart Magazine
Publication Year: 2017
List Price: $2.99
eBook Price: $2.99
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