Best of Black Heart

Celebrating 10 Years of Fiction, Poetry, Author Interviews & More Indie Literary Mayhem


Black Heart Magazine’s first digital issue of 2015 collects together 10 years’ worth of of short fiction, poetry, author interviews and more.

Including Best of the Net nominees, popular favorites, and lots of kick-ass author interviews, you’ll find the best of Black Heart’s unique brand of literary mayhem packed into this issue’s 177 pages.

This issue Includes short fiction, poetry, character crushes, venomous villains, and author interviews from a wide variety of featured contributors.

Full Table of Contents


  • Roar by Jennifer Luckenbill
  • For a Crescendo by Peter Baltensperger
  • Flowers for Mr. Jones by Brystan Strong
  • Hands on Metallic Ponds by Ursula Villarreal-Moura
  • Re: Certain Kinds of Perspective by Pat Siebel
  • You Were the Girl Who by Susan Rukeyser
  • Insomnia by Kathryn Roberts
  • Relativity by Leah Kaminsky
  • Abusement Park by Stewart Kirby
  • The Modern Woman by Amanda Miska
  • Tail by Linda Michel-Cassidy
  • The Ingenuity of Bears by Ruben Rodriguez
  • The Caterpillars by Robin Wyatt Dunn
  • One Hep Kitten by Denise Calhoun
  • A Philadelphia Story (Because There is No Other Place to Flee To) by Lindsay Parnell
  • Navigation by Edie Rylander
  • My Dad Never Sat Under the Bodhi Tree by Sandra Hahn
  • Lucky Fox by Resa Alboher
  • Ted Bundy Was Smarter Than You by Rasmenia Massoud
  • All for the Pain by Peter Baltensperger
  • One Summer Night in Alphabet City by Isabella David McCaffrey
  • Eclipse by Jim Meirose


  • “Reading the Steam” by Steve Klepetar
  • “Pen Pals” by Merica Teng
  • “Old Friend, Butcher, Despot” by Corey Mesler
  • “Let Me Lie” by Candice Reyes
  • “In Taiwan” by Susan Levi Wallach
  • “A Nocturne” by Shane Rooney
  • “Lucky Charm” by Donald Vincent
  • “Cathedral” by Jennifer Faylor
  • “Love Letter Written on a Ferris Wheel” by Ricky Garni
  • “Glamour in France” by Aunia Kahn
  • “Beepocalypse” by Jay Sizemore
  • “October 5th” by Harlan Wheeler
  • “Happy New Year” by Josette Akresh-Gonzales
  • “The Last Supper” by Emma Eisler
  • “From the Sea” by Emma Bernstein
  • “Loving Mata Hari” by Wes Edwards
  • “Insomnia” by Anna Lea Jancewicz
  • “Cactus Pears” by Brian White
  • “Split” by Katelyn Lucas
  • “Upon Seeing a Picture of Us Two” by Wallace-Ruby Morales
  • “Simulacrum” by Joyce Chong
  • “Classics in Russian” by Keith Nunes


  • Tinker Bell: Feisty Fairy Sexpot by Dave Wright
  • Trashland Crushing: Coco Darling by Gabino Iglesias
  • Bad Rep Mantra by Resa Alboher
  • Childhood Love Never Dies by Gabriella Geisinger
  • Bisexual Aquarian New Yorker by Misti Rainwater-Lites
  • The Surfing Bride by Mark Pfannenstiel
  • Lady Macbeth: Bloody, Bold and Resolute by Tiffany Morris
  • Nurse Ratched: My Ice Pick Queen by Elaina Acosta Ford
  • Let’s Talk: When We Write Place by Susan Tepper


  • Nathan Deuel
  • Pamela DuMond
  • Rhiannon Frater
  • Seumas Gallacher
  • John Edward Larson
  • Jessica McHugh
  • Greg Santos
  • Benjamin Sobieck
  • Chuck Wendig

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