Black Heart switches to tri-annual issues, releases new submission guidelines

Black Heart switches to tri-annual issues, releases new submission guidelines

Hello again! Spring has sprung, and we’ve returned from our winter hibernation refreshed!

We also have some important changes to our submission guidelines and publishing schedule, so please take note.

While we have expanded our word count for short fiction to a maximum of 2,500 words, we are also now ONLY accepting stories and poetry that relate to our tri-annual themes.

Our next issue’s theme will be “Summer’s End,” with a final deadline of June 30, 2017. This issue will debut in August 2017.

Our December 2017 issue’s theme will be “Holiday Hell,” with a submission deadline of October 30, 2017. Please do NOT send us December issue pieces until July.

Our April 2018 issue’s theme will be announced at a later date.

New & Improved Response Times

Our new set-up is designed to eliminate lagging response times, as we will only accept pieces for each issue during a certain window of time. These windows will be:

  • AUGUST ISSUE: March 31 to June 30
  • DECEMBER ISSUE: July 31 to October 30
  • APRIL ISSUE: November 3, 2017 to February 2, 2018

All pieces will receive a response, according to their order of submission. Pieces submitted for each issue will receive notification by the first of the month of publication, at the latest.

Due to these editorial changes, all submissions previously received will receive rejection letters. This is in no way a reflection on your work; it is simply a result of our changed editorial direction. We couldn’t keep up with the slush pile, and want to fix this broken system for both our editors and our writers. Do feel free to resubmit your work, if it happens to fit our new themes.

How to Submit

Send us your best work via our submissions manager. Options are available for each genre; please choose appropriately (i.e. make sure your “poetry” submission is actually a poem and not a short story, as they will be routed to different editors). Stories that surpass our stated word limits will not be read.

Thank you for reading to the very end of this post! We look forward to reading your work.