Sunny Feet War Chant by Roo Bardookie

Drums please, ipu, ipu, war chant from Hawaiian ancestors

Fuck you,
My feet want a suntan

Fuck off, my soul was dead

Fuck you,
My feet need the sunshine

Fuck off, you fill me with dread


“fuck_you” image by Flickr user Max Boschini

041Roo Bardookie, a gypsy woman, resides in Alaska and is tripping in the Yi-Er-San with excursions to Mars, the moon, and of course the deep blue seas. Born in Zaragosa, Espana. Plied the world oldest trade at professional conventions. She had a rough and rocky relationship with Louis Marvin, and wants to put glass shards in his Cheerios. Roo is published in anthologies, and around the world. She has collaborated with Jihane Mossalim from Quebec, and Dr. Eir Wang of Hawaii/San Diego among others. For more, see Sangria rojo!