Seasonal Affective Disorder by K Weber

I have not yet
felt winter
in my bones.

The radiator
spits in fuss.

The window
then hiccups.

The sun
is tiny, golden

but it’s quickly
into my lap.

My January skin
melted yesterday.

I remember
the laughing
bodies of snow

and me tumbling
into the white.

and wet with grass
on gloves,

I lived thousands
of Polaroids ago

before the nuclear
of the weather.


“Sad.” image by Flickr user Paul

imageK Weber kicks and screams and laughs and falls down in Dayton, Ohio. Her poems can be found in a few Words Dance collections and Miami University publications of yesteryear such as Inklings and Understory. She has self-published 3 books of her writing. These works include Midwestern Skirt (2003), Bluest Grey (2012), and I Should Have Changed That Stupid Lock (2014). Her latter two efforts are available in online PDF and audio formats featuring her synthesizer experiments. More or less information at: