Harm’s Way by Bruce McRae

The little town of Harm’s Way,
an accident waiting to happen,
a place between other places.
Downwind from the reactor.
Downstream from the munitions factory.
It’s where the devil visits
on his hard earned vacation.
Where the knife-thrower retired.

All my so-called life I’ve been walking
its reddened streets and blackened avenues.
A man with an edge running through him.
A man looking for something he hopes not to find.
A danger to himself and others.
The groom wedded to dissolution.


“heaven is falling” image by Flickr user Rhea Monique

me black and whiteBruce McRae, a Canadian musician, is a Pushcart nominee with over a thousand poems published internationally. He has performed across Canada and the U.K., and been on a number of CDs. His latest book, An Unbecoming Fit of Frenzy is available now on Amazon and through Cawing Crow Press.