INK: An interview with Glenn Benest

INK: An interview with Glenn Benest

Along with Dale Pitman, Glenn Benest is the author of INK, a horror/paranormal romance story about a graphic novelist whose creations come to life.

In addition to writing novels, Glenn has been a professional screenwriter most of his career, with seven produced films to his credit – including two by acclaimed horror director Wes Craven. We recently had a chance to ask him about his various influences, and this is what he had to say.

Who are your top 5 favorite authors or influences, and why?

  1. Poe – the master of horror and mystery
  2. Dostoevsky – he turned his neuroses into great literature
  3. Dickens – a great writer of popular fiction
  4. Stephen King – he always tells a great story
  5. Shakespeare – for all the obvious reasons

What type of writing fuel do you prefer, and what – if anything – do you feel this contributes to your creative process?

Turkish coffee. I grew up in a Lebanese household and that was the coffee of choice. I make a big pot every day and could not live life without it.

What inspired you to write INK?

It was based on an award winning screenplay that never crossed the finish line. We were encouraged by our manager to adapt it into a novel. I never realized the great challenge we were taking on.

Pirates or ninjas, and why?

Pirates. They’re sexy.

Give us one piece of sage advice on writing, relationships, or life in general.

Just write everyday. Even if it’s a page, those pages add up.

If you were a cocktail, what would you be called, and what’s the recipe?

A Firecracker: part tequila, part triple sec, part TNT.

If you were to pen a screenplay for the next summer blockbuster, what would it be about – and who would you want to see in the starring role?

It’s INK of course, starring Norman Reedus.

If you were to write an open letter to a famous author (living or dead), who would it be, and what would it say?

Dear Edgar Allan Poe,

I know the terrible tragedies of your life, but you created something terrible and beautiful out of your misfortunes. It must have seemed hopeless at times, but you persevered. You will be remembered for all times as the great author of horror and mystery.

Where can we find you on a typical Friday night, and what kind of trouble are you getting into there?

I wish I was getting into trouble. I’m usually unwinding with my dog, Milton, who has great literary tastes. We discuss books and maybe watch some TV.

What are you currently working on, and why does it kick ass?

I’m outlining the second book in the INK series. I can’t tell you much about that because it’s still in my head. But I have creatures from a graphic novelist’s imagination enter the real world to create as much havoc as possible. Stay tuned.

Do you have any talismans, charms, superstitions or music that inspires or helps you to write, and what’s the story behind them?

I make sure it’s very quiet, Milton knows it’s time to quiet down, and I have some worry beads nearby if I ever get stuck.

What’s your exercise or sport of choice when getting out from behind the desk?

Tennis, lots of tennis.

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