At Least, a Long Winter by Kayla Wheeler

There are days I can waltz through a checkout line
and say hello, I would like to buy this thing you are selling.

Most days I unravel under fluorescent lights
& the unknowns of expiration,

like how can anyone be sure
that a Cheeto has kicked the bucket?

What if in the afterlife there is no wifi
and all we can do is talk to each other

about how much we miss everybody?
Once I asked a florist

how to get a bald orchid to flower
and he said, you have to trick it

into thinking it’s dying, or,
at least, a long winter is coming.

Of course.

I took this during our Asian grocery shopping. It looks a little funky because it's from the same roll of film that I accidently opened the back on so it's overexposed in some places. The overexposure seems to make the colors pop a little.  The Nokton open wide at f1.4 8-) Leica M6 VC 35mm Nokton f1.4 Kodak 400

11813470_10153500609617630_3087405261397134217_nKayla Wheeler is a two-time NorthBEAST Underground Team Slam Champion and National Poetry Slam competitor. Her work has appeared online in NAILED, glitterMOBDrunk in a Midnight Choir, & Queenmob’s Teahouse, among others. Follow her @KaylaSlashHope or at