An open letter to Jeffery Deaver by Payton Robbins

An open letter to Jeffery Deaver by Payton Robbins

Dear Jeffery Deaver,

I’ve noticed since I started to study English more that I can hear a southern voice now. I call him the Southern Man. English has an accent I think; it’s as though I’ve discovered a voice inside the words. As if the words are their own character. As if I’ve just discovered the narrator.

I’ve dabbled with outlines. What I’m seeing is patterns within the written narration of a rough draft that can be later filled in with the characters and scene details, later on.

I’m beginning to see the rough draft as an outline. Going back over it and filling in all the little details so it comes together. I like writing, but when I started out I had to catch up on a lot of things. My schooling wasn’t the best. My English teachers were always nice to me in school, though.

I’m improving; it’s coming together quite nicely. I know I have a lot of work to do, so over the last year I’ve been working every day trying to play catch-up. I’m one of those people who use to be a hardcore gamer. I’ve trained myself as a gamer to endure sitting down for long periods at a time; the sitting work comes easy for me. I’ve spent most my life in the writer’s chair. I am finding writing is giving me a source of inspiration, and for that I’m thankful.

I used to study music as a bass player so that helps a bit, and all throughout my life I played with writing – just never seriously. Writing is a lot like being a musician. I always loved to compose music. My sister bought me a writer’s chest when I was a teenager and told me to be a writer. She said, “You’re just like a lot of those guys, you should start now.” I wish I would have started earlier, but I’m working towards it, Jeffery.

Thanks as always for your insights, and being a kind spirit in the darkness.

– Payton Robbins