Supporting the writing community: Blazing Laptops

Supporting the writing community: Blazing Laptops

Who supports writers? Usually the answer is readers – readers who buy their books, attend their readings, and encourage them with fan letters and social media messages. Readers are writers’ number one supporters, and we love them all.

Who else supports writers? Friends, family, and that mysterious, magical thing: the writing community.

Although the writing community is made up of lots of different components, one of the most important is having a local group that helps support writers in their own own hometown.

Here in San Diego, that group is San Diego Writers Ink. They support writers in San Diego County by offering inexpensive writing classes, an annual conference, monthly readings and meetup events, and even a physical place to write with their weekly “Room to Write” sessions.

Every July, they also host a fundraising campaign called Blazing Laptops, which is what I’m here to talk about today.


You see, as part of this writing community, I really want to give something back. I’m hoping to raise $300 to help support this group’s activities. It’s a modest goal, but I hope it helps express my commitment and raises the profile of this worthwhile organization and its activities.

Here’s the deal: contribute any amount of $5 or more to this campaign, and you’ll get some sweet swag.

Here’s what you get, in return for your donation:

  • $5: Get your name in the acknowledgements section of the book I write during the Write-A-Thon. Every dollar counts, as does every donor. Thank you!
  • $10: Your name in the acknowledgements, plus a digital copy of my Blazing Laptops book – to see what literary madness your donation has encouraged.
  • $15: All of the above, plus a digital copy of my book Confessions of a 3-Day Novelist: How to Write an Entire Book in Just 72 Hours.
  • $25: All of the above, plus a personalized handwritten postcard from me (sent after the event ends).
  • $50: All of the above, plus a digital copy of my forthcoming book, San Diego from A to Z.
  • $100: All of the above, plus free digital copies of every book I’ve already written.
  • $500: All of the above PLUS free digital copies of everything else I ever write!

If you love reading, writing, San Diego – or all of the above – I encourage you to support this fundraising campaign to give back to the writing community here in San Diego.

Thanks for reading, and thanks so much for your support!

For more information about Blazing Laptops, or to contribute to my fundraising campaign, please see the San Diego Writers Ink homepage.