Deer by Seth Jani

I want happiness with its exquisite
And vulnerable edge
Opening fissures in my mouth.
Bright, angelic opiate
Inflating my heart
And sending it skywards,
Hard sunshine filling the shadows
Like ghosts in winter.
I want to take apples
From the mouths of beautiful boys
With arms smooth as statuary,
Or girls whose eyes are like honey
Dripping down in August.
I want horoscopes ripped
From the spotty light
Of failing software,
Predictions calling for perfection
To walk down from amongst the hills
Like deer at dawnbreak
Standing in the middle of Chicago,
Delivering a single wild punch
To the city’s bloated face.


“So where do you keep your extra statuary?” image by Flickr user Ron Frazler

Seth Jani-Author PicSeth Jani originates from rural Maine but currently resides in Seattle, WA. He is the founder and editor of Seven CirclePress ( and his own work has been published widely in such journals as The Foundling Review, East Coast Literary Review, Red Ceilings Press, and Hobo Camp Review. More about him and his work can be found at