Haxan by Gia Grillo

Thunder mumbles through the aggravated air
As I cling to the breathlessness of your storm
You inhale me aggressive at the cyclone
Whipping through my chest

You cast me off shipwrecked with your tempest eyes
My waves all breaking against your fatal lips
That kiss that’s pursed with imperfect formlessness
Makes me familiar

Your skin shivers flickering each fetching curve
Shadows fluttering to form your silhouette
Like wind billowing wild through sails
Caught tumbling in a hail storm

You’ve caught me undamseled in your twisting serpent wind
With violence rustling through your feathered skirts
Untamed and owl eyed you tempt me in
Trembling with teeth

You breathe in deep a cackling sigh
A fire lit behind your wicked eyes
And palm to palm our fingers intertwine
As through your lips comes steaming
“You are mine.”


” …fly witch, fly… ” image by Flickr user Daniel Horacio Agostini


Photo by Jim Abels

Gia Grillo is a poet from the small New Jersey township of Lyndhurst. Living and working in the shadow of New York City, she never seems to take full advantage of the opportunity her location provides her, and instead spends most of her time scribbling in a poorly lit room of her house with the voices of better writers playing in the background. She supplements the millions of dollars she doesn’t make writing poems by working as a wage slave in a department store. She is currently working on compiling her first chapbook and finishing off the fifth season of Supernatural on Netflix.