Story 33 by Alen Khan

From Picked Up on the Side of the Road: A Collection of Random Short Stories

Story 33

Grandpa Jackson rambled on
about the great depression
“the world was a different place”
I made him stop talking
went out
and bought myself a shovel


“Roadside” image by Flickr user malvinder_4u

icecreamyAlen Khan wrote a collection of stories in a 2-month span during his night shift job at the Hampton Inn in Salisbury NC back in 2003. He stopped writing after 41 very short stories were complete. These stories were lost until he found an old band website that still had them up. Alen is 35 and is currently in Chicago IL and is the frontman and songwriter for the acoustic cabaret punk band Bad Bad Meow. The rest of the story collection lives at and his personal website is