September 2014 Digital Issue #1.14 now available

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” –Lao-Tzu


Black Heart Magazine’s first digital issue of 2014 charts a course through lands both real and imaginary, destination unknown.

Encounter mythic beasts of the high seas and fae creatures roaming the land. Sail with Sinbad on a fantastic adventure, accompany a “Little Lady Bukowski” on her new beat, or delve into an alternate universe with some of the world’s most famous scientists. Explore modern America’s dark side, or jet off for a Tahitian island getaway.

Whichever journey you choose, we hope you have a pleasant stay.

This issue Includes short fiction, poetry and book reviews from authors Daniel Nathan Horn, Sarah Jordan, Yen Nguyen, Andy Pham, Jasmin Remram, Benjamin Schmitt, Adreyo Sen, Shay Siegel, Sarah Sorensen, Gene Twaronite, Kristen Valentine, Stephen Williams, Ian Woollen, and Vanessa Young.

Full Table of Contents


  • Acquaintances by Daniel Nathan Horn
  • Jenna Styles Ponders College by Shay Siegel
  • My Love, My Island by Yen Nguyen, translated by Andy Pham
  • Sinbad by Adreyo Sen
  • The Mostly Good Times of a Bad Reporter for a Bad Newspaper: A Story of Defeat by Sarah Sorensen
  • Under the Volcano by Stephen Williams
  • The Very End of Bob and Helen by Ian Woollen


  • “Release from Almaden” by Vanessa Young
  • “Sea Monster” by Benjamin Schmitt
  • “Selfies” by Gene Twaronite
  • “Trauma” by Sarah Jordan
  • “VII” by Jasmin Remram


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