Split by Katelyn Lucas

give the body what it wants
and the heart is a fish caught
and flopping on the deck of
your life, begging to be thrown
back in with the rest. begging
to make it simple, to be split

from mouth to belly and call
the whole thing quits. give the
body what it wants and the heart
is violent in its thrashing.

give the heart what it wants
and the body is an ocean
that manages to drown even

somewhere, a girl begs to be
a woman and so she becomes
one. dreams of a thirsty mouth
and hands worth pouring over.
prays for a body soft on the eyes
of men she doesn’t crave, but
could. and the possibility exists
and this, it is the only easy part.

somewhere, a woman becomes
herself and wants then, even still.
somewhere, a woman becomes
herself and wants then to become
a different woman.

desire is to call for a plate filled
with heads of men. beady eyes
that won’t stop staring even when
their blood has dried.

desire is to beg for both the hook
and the hands that do the pulling.
to be dragged out of everything known.
to have a whole ocean to call home
and beg for legs, and call this constant
reaching, love.


“Hooked” image by Flickr user Evelyn Arthur Richman



Katelyn Lucas writes poems in the Bay Area (California). She enjoys reading them out loud and listening to others do the same. She is a featured poet on season four of Lexus Verses and Flow tentatively set to air on cable television this September. Find her at http://katelynmarielucas.wix.com/photography and https://www.facebook.com/katelynmarielucas.