Being the Love Letter of a Young Girl Whose Principal Interests Are Alex, Alex, and Alex by Jenny Jung

Being the Love Letter of a Young Girl Whose Principal Interests Are Alex, Alex, and Alex by Jenny Jung

Who’s it going to be then, eh? Alex, of course, from A Clockwork Orange.

Darling, was I glad to read the twenty-first chapter. To hear that my beloved sociopath is now an eligible bachelor, my seventeen-year old heart shivered in the most delightful, wild manner.

Rape, ultraviolence, listening to lovely, lovely Ludwig Van – I may only be interested in one of those three hobbies (and it’s not rape or ultraviolence), but I am certainly interested in you.

I’m enchanted with how you are so inhumane, with how you don’t bother with humans. You don’t have the time or patience to be a mediocre human like me. When you strike your vicious attacks, it is not a mere act of hatred. In order to hate, one must care. And you don’t care at all. Every act you commit, from raping that poor woman to robbing those stores: they are not for material gain. They are your personal outbursts, your waging of war against humanity. You have a disdain for us – for me – and that is oddly stirring.

I’m also quite taken with the way that you rise above the strict dichotomy between good and evil, and you rise to become a god among men (or fifteen-year old boys). You, unlike us humans, do not believe that “good” and “evil” are separate. You understand that they are merely impulses; different expressions of the human mind. You understand that morality is a dented metric of humanity, and you have gladly thrown that trash away. To hell with embracing only the wholesome! In us is not only the light but also the dark! And you, Alex, have certainly embraced the dark.

Were you looking for a bride, Alex? Then please look no further, for I am here. Let us be wed in unlawful matrimony.

jenny-jungJenny Jung is a pre-professional teen writer from Massachusetts, whose dearest wish is to study the evolution of modern American society’s attitude concerning the Christian Bible. It’s either that, or to be able to read her Hetalia fanfiction in peace. Some of her other works can be found in DUM DUM ZINE: ISSUE 4, The Sierra Nevada Review, The Postscript Journal, and APPLEPI. She is also the Founder/Editor-in-Chief of an international literary/arts magazine called [empath]QUARTERLY. Sometimes, when she feels like partying, she cracks open the Snapple and dances in the light flickering out from the screen of her laptop.