Pardon our dust!

Pardon our dust!

Black Heart is currently in the process of revising our website, with the goal of publishing digital issues on a quarterly basis starting this fall.

To keep this short and sweet, here’s what you need to know:

  1. We’re still open for submissions! We’ll be reviewing your work for inclusion in our first quarterly issue, due out this September, so keep on sending us your poetry, short fiction, Character Crushes, book reviews and more.
  2. We’re still publishing! Though we’re officially putting the website on Summer Vacation mode – which means a more relaxed pace – you can still find new poetry throughout the summer on Wednesdays and Sundays, plus author interviews, book reviews and Susan Tepper’s excellent “Let’s Talk” column on Fridays.
  3. There is no #3!

Thanks for keeping up with Black Heart, and for all of your amazing submissions. We look forward to bringing you even bigger and better literary art this September, and hope your summer kicks ass.

"Beach Palm Trees Riviera Maya"

“Beach Palm Trees Riviera Maya”