Whirls of Brokenness by Laurie Kolp

Whirls of Brokenness

We’re on a mission
to garner unmarred

conch and coquina,
shark eyes, spotted

slipper snails
or sundials,

combing washed
up shell hash

first of March,
just before

summer’s surge,
stampeding feet

crunching off
whorls, the whirls

of brokenness,
beach drift

winter soles

anxious to wade
after months

of confinement
closed-in shoes

and boots, skin
smarting each

staccato step
to shore, and then

we spot them–
sand dollars

strewn everywhere,
precious petals

bleached, a path
of richness.

Sand dollars,

and whole,
holiness the peace

washing over us
as we kneel,

gather hope within
our pent up feelings

robbing us of love
for much too long.


“Sand Dollar in Wheel Barrow” image by Flickr user Gregg Stokes

L. Kolp- Sand dollar crossLaurie Kolp is an award-winning poet living in Southeast Texas less than an hour from the Gulf Coast. Mother of six (a husband, three kids and two dogs), Laurie escapes to the beach as much as possible. One spring she came across so many sand dollars, she made a cross out of them and still had enough to give away. Laurie serves as the vice-president of Texas Gulf Coast Writers. Her first full-length poetry collection, Upon the Blue Couch, is slated for release March 2014 through Winter Goose Publishing. You can find her at: lkharris-kolp.blogspot.com  and lkkolp.wordpress.com.