Unclean by Sophie Boyce


They must never know
The way we touch each other…
Your lips searching my skin for truth,
Our hands tracing the lies
We tell ourselves again and again
In a bid to make this right.
You say it doesn’t matter now.
What’s done cannot be undone,
And they should have loved us better.
Then sitting on the mattress side,
You twist my hair to dirty knots
Rinsed out in the shower
That never leaves us clean.


“Shower Base” image by Flickr user Thomas

PiccySophie Boyce writes short stories and poetry and is the editor of ExFic. She has been published in Domestic Cherry 3 and online with The Screech Owl. She was also published in Swindon Unlocked, a council-funded booklet of short fiction and poetry produced for Swindon’s Big Arts Day 2012, and later featured in the local paper when the council deemed her story “libelous.” You can check out Sophie’s imaginatively titled website – www.sophieboyce.co.uk, or follow her on Twitter: @_sophie_boyce.