Love Letter from Gold Hill, Nevada - 1880

Love Letter from Gold Hill, Nevada – 1880

Justine Hemmestad sends us this week’s Love Letter from the Internet. By way of explanation, she says “This letter was in an autograph book owned by my great-great grandmother, handed down to me.”

Justine is a writer whose poems have previously been published by Dead Silence (a compilation of entries into the 2010 Y-City Writers Conference Contest), Poetica Victorian Magazine, The Classical Poets Society, and Muse: An International Journal of Poetry. She also has an essay forthcoming in the fall edition of The Whirlwind Review, and writes for You can read her blog at


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To Virginia,

I am happy to find in you, my loved friend, most of those noble and ennobling qualities which are so essential to true and exalted womanhood. May they be fully appreciated by your friends and acquaintances, but more particularly by him, whose good fortune it shall be to share with you through life, the inestimable blessings they are capable of affording – that, though you may live without great riches and yet, realize the truth of the following lines – that: “There’s many a small cat roofed with thatch, that’s happier than a throne.”

Your sincere friend and well-wisher,
Paul Gariepy
Gold Hill, Nev.
Sept. 21st, 1880

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