3rd annual Kick-Ass Haiku Contest

3rd annual Kick-Ass Haiku Contest

It’s official: Black Heart’s 3rd annual Kick-Ass Haiku Contest is now open for submissions.

This year we’ve got a theme for your entries: THE CITY OF THE FUTURE.

So what does that mean?

future-buttonInspired by drawings from the 1930s-era World’s Fairs, images from the 1950s and 60s evoking space travel and off-world sites (not to mention Futurama and the City of Tomorrow), and – of course – sci-fi and cyberpunk descriptions of the cities of the near future, we want to know what YOUR vision of these cities will look like.

Are you hoping for a utopia, or fearful of a dystopia? Whether you’re sure we’re headed for a Brave New World with equality for all, or a Hunger Games-style separation of cities for the wealthy and slums for the poor, there’s plenty to explore. Give us the sights, the sounds, the smells of your city. What’s it called? Where is it located? Who lives there, and how do they live?

Though you’re limited to just 17 syllables in the haiku structure, these bite-sized poems should pack a punch. And you can send up to 5 haiku per entry (multiple entries are also allowed).

This year’s contest also offers 2.5 times last year’s prize money – $250 cash – plus a free copy of every ebook in the Buttontapper Press catalogue, and a featured spot in BP’s 2014 “Futuristic Haiku” anthology.

So send us your visions of The City of the Future by September 30, and we’ll meet you in Tomorrowland!