Two poems by Shane Rooney

The Christ in my heart

The Christ in my heart
Spoils like lard.

I drink wine and blubber on
And break a cross of bone
Over my knee.

I am waiting for the witness to his death
To step forward.

I know he is dead.

Climb out of the cage
And show your bandaged wrists.

We are all of us

I wake and sleep
As if sorrow was ordinary.

My lungs fill tonight
With your alms.

Old prayers
Collect Like trash
Inside me.

Each day
My feelings grow
Fewer and fewer.

“Empty Cans” (photo by Flickr user Matt Watson, aka bomb_tea)

A Cold Beer at 4AM

The can snaps open like a piece of fruit
Plucked from a vine,
The juices dribbling down my hand.

My ache is numbed
By the icy foam and rugged bubbles
Of its anesthetic.

Leave me alone to enjoy this.
The role of you in my life
Has always been a debate.

My father gave you his all
And drank like a dead man.
But it is quiet now.

The birds have not yet awoken
There is still time alone
To sort this out.

Before I decide
How many it will take
I will wait for the sun to rise

And crush my heart
Like a can.

rooneyShane Rooney is a poet currently living in the “Live Free or Die” state of New Hampshire. He holds a BA in English from the University of Massachusetts. His work has been most recently seen in the Wilderness House Literary Review and Black Heart Magazine. He can be contacted at or on his Facebook page.