Three poems by Joe Bisicchia


How commonplace this job has become,
carrying out the basket of the guillotine.

Makes it easier, or so it sometimes seems.
Hopefully, it is not wicked mindlessness.

Better to be blind, than possess such a mind.
Rather be simpleminded in my banality

than have inability to see the ordinary.
But, sometimes my head rattles at its seams.

Maybe, inside all these severed heads,
there are cosmos

just like they are inside of me.
If so, how very sad a useless collection,

all as functional now as

And I, well, I was so erudite.
I wonder if for them, I can have ability

to speak so very eloquently.
Probably not.

Easier to keep mine attached
stupid as it is

and clump theirs together
as slop.

"Guillotine" (photo by Flickr user Der Vollstrecker)

Pink Sofa

Can’t remember the clothes she wore,
if any,
but I can still see that bright pink sofa,
puffed with slender curves,
and its back firm in trimmed wood
carved with kissing birds.
Something special about French provincial.
It is no wonder kingdoms go to war
over such furniture.
Blessed and heroic are those who die for more.
Yet, oh, material, all the shapes of your lore!
Silly how hearts shape south and north.
Easy to lose sight of her and see fabric, objects,
bits and pieces, stuff, in attics of regret.
For this, everyday, we lay down our lives
upon puffed curves of velvet.

"Pink Sofa" (photo by Flickr user Fire At Will)

Tree in the Forest

Sally sang.
No one savored the sound.
She settled
having sung for herself
and the sky.

Joe Bisicchia 2013Joe Bisicchia digs the spiritual dynamic of humankind and he writes of our shared existence as one world under God. In the Image was named one of the two Honorable Mention awardees for the Fernando Rielo XXXII World Prize for Mystical Poetry. Romeo and Julie is a critically acclaimed one act play that was produced by La Salle University. The current public affairs professional in New Jersey is a former award winning television host who also taught high school English. He also co-invented the award winning family card game Fuddy Duddy. Find out more at