Three poems by Candice Reyes

Devil’s Music

He stands on the corner of Bowery and Bleecker.
No pointed tail. No sculpted horns.
But eyes of black and veins of venom.
He’s ditched the pitchfork
For a pack of Marlboro Reds.
Taking a drag, he watches them pass.
The hipster hips in skin-tight jeans.
The Youth of Today — the death of tomorrow.
These misguided Misfits will soon join his Dead Boys.
He’s tired of soul searching for kindred-to-be.
Evil is boring. Sin is passé.
What’s playing in their ears interests him more.
One comes so close he could touch if he wished.
Her mix of whiskey and pride are all that He needs
But the sound — God — the sound
From those little white buds, confirm she is his.
That brazen band. That pounding pulse.
He can’t feel the heart, but he loves the beat.
He’d throw up his hands in worship
If he only knew how.
For now, he’ll take this one. This lovely, lost soul
With the siren’s song she spins.
He’ll take her tonight, right after the song ends.
But first, he’ll ask her to dance.

“Hipster” (photo by Flickr user Jametiks)

Pierce Me

Down a dark alley,
in a parlor of pain
Longinus waits
for his next piece of flesh.
The needles are honed,
the clamp is chosen.
His hands are washed
though the stain remains.
Above his head
this written revelation:

Yes, it will hurt.

I don’t come in protest.
I pay for this pain.
Perverted vanity
is my sin, not his.
No myrrh fused wine
offers salvation.
He tells me to breathe,
massages my skin.
I gasp         for air and
Gaze heavenward
An unholy sign
seals my scarred fate:

You’ll find no answers here.

The stab is fleeting,
the wound, eternal.
Blood pours out
my body     heaves
This is how it feels
to be mortal.
Longinus smiles,
whispers in my ear:

It is finished.

Untitled (photo by Flikcr user Mulling It Over)

Let Me Lie

In spring
we vowed
to be faithful
‘till death
do us part
and you
let me lie.

In summer
I swore
to try harder,
all others,
and you
let me lie.

In fall
you found
his watch
on the rug
by our bed
and you
let me lie.

In winter
I begged
face down
on the floor
and you
let me lie.

Candice Reyes is a recent graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Creative Writing Master’s program. While she enjoys writing poetry, she is much more comfortable with prose and is currently working on a young adult novel which she hopes will be finished before the turn of the next century. Candice lives in Tucson, Arizona with her wonderful husband and two lazy cats. She can be reached at