Giving Up by Linda Baglietto

I decided that today was a good day to give up.

This decision was made at 5:08 pm.

An ass-grinding simpleton freaked out on me
for letting someone else
in the same ass-bumping predicament as me
get into my lane.

"give up" (photo by Flickr user abradyb)

I lifted my finger to turn off the New Age crap
I was listening to
(ironically in search of spiritual elevation),

I painfully twisted my neck to face the pro-war redneck
in his shiny red pick-up,
lifting his fat arms to curse at me,

His pits were stained yellow,
as were his lips;
I assume this was from his diet of American cigarettes
and Big Macs
(the latter being documented for us all to see),
and I am sure that more than one of us
were left with the desire to have
a Combo 3 with a chocolate milkshake,
just one last time.

I gave him the finger.

I screamed every nasty word I have ever been taught,
perhaps some I had made up on my own,
then turned back around,
lifted my finger to turn the music on,
and sank back into a semi-meditative state,
with occasional hiccups of profanity to my rear view mirror.

Now, some of us (admittedly) give up for life,
and some of us give up for a few minutes at a time,

But how many minutes of giving up
can one have before coming to the realization
that you actually spend more time giving up
than not?

So, I have succumbed to the fact that I am a New Age
hippie loser who has given up.

God, I feel so much better.

Linda Baglietto is an aspiring writer with a cliché bleeding heart syndrome. Aside from her 9-5, she dabbles in poetry, short stories and rants. She finds inspiration in the absurdity of the universe and the chaos of emotions. She has 36 years of life experience, with about 30 of them being painful in one way or the other. Whether it’s dropping a lollipop at the beach or dealing with annoying sheeple who seem to do nothing more than multiply at a ferocious rate, something is always awry and worth lending her words to.