Steak and Eggs by Chanel Plett

I’m forced to wait
12 minutes
in Southern California’s
version of cold
for the library to open.

I like knowing
that the homeless men
sitting on the bench
are waiting with me;

I’m not the only weirdo
who wants to read a book
for breakfast.

"Steak 'n Eggs" (photo by Flickr user Smaku)

as they smoke their cigarettes,
stolen from the ashtrays
growing trees
in front of the buildings
they own,
I feel like a steak
looking at them
looking at me

Chanel Plett is a Californian poet, artist, and student but prefers dabbling in all avenues of creative expression over studying. She has recently left the suburban surf town of Huntington Beach in an effort to crawl back to Long Beach, her birthplace, where she now lives.