Under Bukowsky by Brad M. Bucklin

I’m under Bukowsky
though I don’t know the man,
never seen him, heard him, I
know his rep; booze and
sleaze and rough words
like cattle prods to the poetic
illiterate, to the bums, to the
undercurrent of society.
They need money for their
next fix, they don’t need poetry.

Charles Bukowski

No, he writes people awake,
shakes up their sensibilities and
puts his fist in their gut.
He’s on top of me,
not being L.A. born but
bred these twelve years,
everyone says “L.A. Poetry –
yeah I’ve heard Bukowsky.”

Get off my back,
I don’t care if you don’t like
what I say, just don’t bring
up Bukowsky – I get sick
if I drink beer and I don’t
piss in alleyways – I’m not
going to throw bottles at your head
and don’t expect you to throw one at mine.

I just want you to know
Bukowsky’s on top of me
but I’m in L.A. too, don’t
expect me to lie still
when I’m just about to stand up.

Brad M. Bucklin received a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Theatre from Windham College where he studied with John Irving. After moving to Los Angeles at 25, he worked as an actor for a number of years on such shows as One Day At A Time, Waverly Wonders, Facts of Life, Days of Our Lives, Picket Fences and in films that included World War III, Wavelength, No Place to Hide and more. Brad owns and operates Professional Literary Services where he writes for private clients. His poetry has appeared in Canopic Jar, Autumn Leaves, Bird’s Eye Review, Bijou, The Branded Words Collection, Anemone, A Tender Touch, and The Brentwood Bla Bla.