Henry and Glenn Forever by Igloo Tornado

reviewed by shim

henry & glenn forever is a cute little comic book about the very over-the-top homosexual relations between one henry rollins and a certain glenn danzig, written by a strange and big-balled portland los angeles art collective [the book is published by portland-based microcosm books; we apologize for the confusion! —ed.] calling themselves igloo tornado. ahem.

the book opens with a lurid, hurl-worthy comic with the inscription dedicated to our two young lovers, with the plea “please don’t punch us in the face. we love you.” indeed.

also, you should know that the rollins/danzig slam-o-thon is somehow comically punctuated by their also-gay, but full-on satanist neighbors daryl hall and john oates. fucking hell.

one of the things that i enjoyed the most when reading this hilarious little mockfest of a zine was just how it helped me pinpoint how i feel about glenn danzig.

basically, this comic shines a pretty bright light on all the super corny shit that comprises a glenn danzig. for example: his cheesed-out elvis vs. jim morrison braying, the pseudo-philosopher warrior lyrics, and things like his sweaty muscle displays, oh-so-subtly framed by anything tight and black. and then, sweet jeebus, there are those fishnet shirts. ol’ glenn strikes me as the type that spends a good deal of his off-time in front of mirrors, flexing his pecs. seriously.

let’s not forget the fuzzy devil-lite worship thing. what the fuck is that? truly, do his supposed women fans actually fall for this kinda shit? i really doubt it.

in my opinion, glenn deserves every bit of this lowbrow beating. oh, danzig. if that is your real name.

then there’s poor henry. henry does NOT deserve any of this at all. so his music is a little one-dimensional, and he works out. he’s clearly too much of a brainy dork to warrant these savage, off-color attacks. that said, the cartoon henry here is pretty fucking hilarious. kind of a han solo to danzig’s luke.

i don’t know if the quote on the back cover is real, but it sums the whole thing up nicely:

“has glenn seen this? trust me, he would NOT be amused.”

grab a copy of henry & glenn forever over at microcosm publishing. it’s worth every penny. there’s also a great interview with tom neely, one of the perpetrators behind the book. oh, and be sure to peep the final blow for glenn’s reaction to the comic; priceless!

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