69-Word Stories by Emma Stephen


Music pulses through bodies, energy courses and spills from out-stretched hands. Dancing with her head down and feet kicking out in front, she’s surprised when a rough hand grabs her own. Pulled from the pit to the back of the club, she finds herself pushed against a wall, skirt lifted, legs wrapped around a nameless groupie. Pierced tongue in mouth, he bounces her to the beat of the drums.

How Badly

How badly I want you, want you to feel me, taste me, play me, take me. I was made to be touched, made to please you, to tease you. Our bodies were made to fit and fill each other. You own my lips, my hands, clavicle, shoulders, breasts, stomach, my clit. You own my mouth, my body, my pleasure, my self. Explore, use, enjoy me. I am your whore.


She washes, powders, paints, perfects. From her closet grabs her favourite red, and dresses to be undressed. At dinner, feet slide up her girlfriend’s legs and under her skirt, teasing. Later, the girlfriend spends time undoing the straps with teeth, slowly sliding off the six inch stilettos and placing toes between her lips. Licking, sucking, she wets the girl’s toes and slides them into her other waiting, wet lips.

Three more of Emma’s 69-word stories can be found in the print edition of issue #3, available for sale in the Black Heart store.


Emma Stephen is yet another displaced Ottawan who has found her home in Montreal. She enjoys reading, writing and long walks on the beach. Men with accents and/or ninjas have been able to find the soft spot in Emma’s heart.