The Hopeless Case by Mingus Tourette

is it romantic
if I say
that I love long walks in the rain
with wide meandering conversations
that take an hour
as the water drips from my chin
and that I love
the time afterwards
my skin
sliding on the sheets
my chest
slick with sweat – and later
coming loudly
as I watch the sun break
through the evening clouds
is it romantic
all this
if I do it
on my own?
because I do these days

Mingus Tourette is a writer whose business card reads: “Mingus Tourette
Emphatic Graphomaniac
Chronic Neologist
Thanaphobic Bastard
Purveyor of Fine Apostasy
Effervescent Fuckaroo
Notorious Drunkard, Esquire.” He is also the author of the cult poetry book, Nunt.